Mirrors and Reflections Can Help You in More Ways Than You Think

In 2020, my blog in Psychology Today, “The Clarity,” reached over a million readers. One of my favorite topics is the science of mirrors and reflections. Though many have a love/hate relationship with the mirror, the mirror can be a doorway into greater self-awareness — and self-compassion.

Here are the most popular posts on how mirrors and reflections can benefit you. Click on the title to read the post.

What Mirror Meditation Can Teach You

A narrative script from my 11:11 minute TEDx Talk explains my journey with mirrors and reflections. I share how I use mirrors to teach others to increase self-awareness with compassion, decrease self-criticism, and manage their emotions.

Why is Seeing Your Reflection So Important?

Research from psychology and neuroscience explains many roles that mirrors and reflections play in our development of a sense of self, our physical coordination, and emotional regulation.

Can You Be Too Self-Aware?

Self-awareness and self-consciousness play a key role in social anxiety. There are ways to manage your attention and focus that work wonders to help you manage anxiety and feel more comfortable in face-to-face social interaction.

What Do Narcissists See When They Look in the Mirror?

Gazing in the mirror is the icon of the narcissist. How do they see themselves? Neuroscience research explains what is happening in their brains as they look at themselves — and why we are often so attracted to them.

Compassion at the Mirror

Does saying positive affirmations in the mirror really work? Find out what the research says about it and how you can leverage your time in front of the mirror to feel good.

Why Looking in the Mirror Can Help Fight Despair

When we are feeling distressed or despair, we may avoid looking at ourselves. But taking the time to be present with ourselves and work with uncomfortable emotions can be quite therapeutic. Here are some suggestions on how to be with yourself during uncomfortable emotions.

How to Feel Less Lonely: Face Yourself

Loneliness can stem from many sources — one is the lack of an enriching and positive relationship with oneself. Here are three ways to shift your perspective on loneliness and face yourself with compassion.

Thanks again for reading, and look out for my book, “Facing Yourself” to be published by New Harbinger in 2022!

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